About Circa Art Collective

It's hard to find a great piece of art for your home, isn't it? I would look at local stores for classic pieces but they either looked too new or too old. Where was the art that was both vintage and modern?

And that's how Circa Art Collective began. I, Chelsea, decided to start a business helping people like me get beautiful art into their home. Sometimes a home is just not complete without those perfect, timeless art pieces.
So you've come to the right place! I hope you love our vintage art as much as I do. 


All art is 300DPI,the standard for high-quality, professional art prints.

Vintage & Minimally Restored

All of our art is vintage- typically from the 1800's- and minimally restored, keeping the charm in your vintage art.

Both Modern & Classic

Our vintage pieces are more neutral in color and therefore have a vintage yet modern feel.

Affordable & Honest Pricing

We want beautiful, high-quality, vintage art to be affordable for everyone, and that's why we have honest pricing. We would rather have happy, return customers than make high profits.

Digital or Print, Your Choice

You can get the digital art file and print at your local print shop or we can print your art for you.

Our physical prints are Giclee Fine Art Paper prints. They are extremely high quality, last for years, and did I mention there are no shipping costs?

Lots of Sizes

From 4x5" to 24x36" (and A1-A5 ISO), we've got a lot of sizes to choose from.

Additional Options

We not only offer printing services but framing, mats, and canvas mounting & framing as well.

No Risk Purchasing

Receive your quality art or you'll get a full replacement/refund on us (your choice).

We Care About Our Customers

We'll do everything we can to have your experience with Circa Art Collective be an over-the-top amazing experience that you can't wait to tell your friends about.

Bring Beautiful Art Into Your Home